Insurance Claim & Appraisal Services

Accord Services, Inc. can answer insurance claim related questions and provide advice and assistance for insurance claim damages in which are a result of fire, smoke, wind, water, flood damage, hail, theft, hurricane, and even denied claims. The following is a list of professional services we provide:

  • Appraisal Umpire: In the event that a policyholder or the insurance company invokes the appraisal clause the two independent appraisers must then choose an umpire. Most policies require that the two appraisers select and agree upon an appraisal umpire within 15 days of the two appraisers being named. The chosen appraisal umpire must be an impartial, unbiased, and disinterested party in the outcome of the appraisal award. Our extensive experience with building repairs and the insurance appraisal process qualifies us as a choice above all to act as an insurance appraisal umpire to resolve insurance claim disputes.
  • Independent Appraiser for Insurance Appraisal Clause: Either the insurance company or policyholder can invoke The Appraisal Clause. The appraisal process is to resolve disputes only. To resolve such disputes, each party must choose an independent appraiser. An independent appraiser is an individual who is hired to resolve insurance claim disputes. Accord Services, Inc. exceeds in their knowledge of the appraisal process and is available to represent the facts of the loss on your behalf.
  • Insurance Claim Estimate: We provide inspection and complete insurance claim damage estimates for policyholders of homes and businesses, insurance attorneys, repair contractors, and insurance companies.
  • Insurance Appraisal & Estimating Assistance: In some instances, contractors, attorneys, or appraisers may need assistance in preparing a defense for their claim. They may have questions or need advice on some parts of the estimate or damage. We provide consulting and evaluation assistance for any part of a claim you may require answers for. If we can't answer your questions, we can refer you to someone who can.
  • Claims Consultation: Many times, policyholders and contractors are unsure about whether or not damages are covered, if there are coverage limits, or they find themselves overwhelmed with the complexity of the insurance claim process. In some cases, the insurance companies may use industry terms or insurance lingo that can be confusing. We provide information on the insurance claims process, policy interpretation, estimates and estimating, as well as the insurance appraisal process, and umpire services. Educate yourself and understand how to obtain the correct settlement for your home and business insurance claims.
  • Insurance Replacement Cost Valuation: Is your home properly insured? Do you have enough coverage to replace your home or building after a loss? Finding out that you are under-insured after a large fire, flood, or hurricane can be devastating. We will provide an inspection of your home or building, take photographs, and provide a fully detailed replacement cost estimate. You can then make an educated decision on how much coverage you need for your property.

Appraisal Umpire Services

In the event that a policyholder or the insurance company invoke appraisal, the appraiser for the policyholder and the insurance appraiser must choose an appraisal umpire. Most policies require that the two appraisers select and agree upon the person who will provide the appraisal umpire services within 15 days of the two appraisers being named. The chosen appraisal umpire must be an impartial, unbiased, and disinterested party in the outcome of the appraisal award.

Have you ever been involved in a mediation, arbitration, or appraisal and the judge or appraisal umpire didn't really do anything except try to reach a happy medium? To execute the job of appraisal umpire services properly, not only should one be impartial, unbiased, and disinterested, but one should also be qualified to review the differences between the two parties. Our extensive experience with construction, building repairs, building materials, and the insurance appraisal process qualifies us as a choice above all to provide appraisal umpire services to resolve disputes. We have extensive knowledge of Xactimate. We are also capable of reading and understanding the unit costs that estimating software provides and work with the appraisers to determine a realistic amount of loss.

Many individuals who provide appraisal umpires services are not willing or are not qualified to review and discuss the details of a structure or contents loss. An appraisal umpire who tries to settle the claim by simply meeting in the middle is not providing the appraisal umpire services that he or she has been hired to do. Have your appraisal documents reviewed and discussed in an intelligent manner with a qualified insurance adjuster, appraiser, and appraisal umpire.

We use our extensive, real life, experiences to evaluate a loss based on the facts. We believe that if resulting damages to a property covered by an insurance policy can be repaired then it should be repaired. However, if the property cannot be repaired, it must be replaced. In many cases, appraisers can become unreasonable on what can be repaired or what should be replaced. The repair or replacement must be real, the work and materials used should be replaced with that of materials of like, kind, and quality, and a professional and competent repair contractor should complete the work.

With that being said, you should choose a qualified, experienced appraisal umpire who understands the facts you are presenting as opposed to a mediator who just wants to split it down the middle. The appraisers of each side have a voice and they should be heard!

How to Recommend Us for Appraisal Umpire Services

Step 1: Contact us for an interview.

Is Kermith Sonnier the right fit to recommend as appraisal umpire? Please feel free to contact us to discuss your appraisal umpire needs. We will be happy to assist you in any way that we can. If we mutually agree that Mr. Sonnier would be a good candidate for appraisal umpire in the claim you are working, you may proceed with step two.

Step 2: Recommend us to the other appraiser.

The appraiser for the policyholder and the insurance appraiser must sign a document and mutually agree upon an umpire. To recommend Kermith Sonnier as an umpire, you will need to notify the other party of your recommendation. To make this process as easy as possible, you may copy and paste Kermith Sonnier's bio directly from this page.

Kermith R. Sonnier:

Kermith Sonnier is the former President and owner/operator of Sonnier & Fisher Adjusters, LLC and Cost Control Services. Sonnier & Fisher Adjusters, LLC is a national independent adjusting, appraisal, and umpiring firm. Cost Control Services specializes in adjusting claims on building losses and managing costs associated with work done on disaster claims. After gaining hands-on experience in residential and commercial construction in the local area and serving as a superintendent for Key Builders in Corpus Christi, Texas, Kermith started his own framing contractor business. For the next seven years, he framed 200 single-family residences and 600 apartment units and condominiums. Kermiths extensive experiences in residential and commercial construction lead the way for him to begin his career in residential and commercial property insurance adjusting and environmental clean up. Kermith spent the first six of his 14 years at Crawford and Company traveling to many of Mother Natures most destructive shows of force: Hurricanes Frederick, Allen, and Alicia, major floods in New Orleans, Houston, Mobile, and Joliet, and various hailstorms and tornadoes. In 1985, he attended environmental seminars and completed courses in oil spill damage control. While working at these man-made disasters, Kermith launched a concerted effort to improve the manner in which Crawford and Company reported the costs of control and losses to insurers. Kermith began work on an innovative barcode system for tracking employees, machinery, and supplies. He continued to develop and test his new system while serving as a supervising monitor for cost control and invoice review at the Ashland Oil Pipeline spill in Pennsylvania and the Exxon Valdez spill off the coast of Alaska. Today, Kermith serves as a consultant for Sonnier & Fisher Adjusters, LLC, as well as Cost Control Services. He has acted as an estimator, appraiser, and umpire in the resolution of many claims. Throughout his career, he has handled many multi-million dollar losses. His vast experience makes him uniquely qualified to act as an appraiser or umpire in the resolution of claims.

Appraisal Umpire Services Request Form

When two appraisers agree on who is to serve as umpire on an appraisal, they need to sign a "Declaration of Appraisers Form". The form also has a section labeled "Selection of Umpire". The form is a legal document that names the two appraisers, which party the two appraisers will represent, as well as whom they have mutual chosen as umpire. See the below example:

Appraisal Umpire Services Request Form
Appraisal Umpire Services Request Form

If and when two appraisers have selected Kermith Sonnier to act as umpire for their appraisal, the form will need to be signed by all three parties. If you would like to request Mr. Sonnier to act as umpire on an appraisal, please download and complete the "Declaration of Appraisers Form"

You may open this form, complete the details of the appraisal, print and sign the form, and then mail the original to the other appraiser for his/her signature. Once the form is completed and signed by all three parties, it becomes official.

If property damage insurance adjusting is important to you and your company, please Contact us today!