Accord Services, Inc. is a Public Insurance Adjusting Firm.

We represent YOU, the general public, NOT the insurance companies. We can assist you in your insurance loss situation nationwide. It is our mission to help you to recover every dollar that you are legally entitled.

We specializes in assisting you or your business in preparing and submitting Insurance Claim loss documentation. As your insurance loss consultant, we maximize fiscal recovery and minimize loss of your valuable time.

Can you afford the investment of time and assets in pursuing proper documentation to support your property loss claim situation?


What We Do For You.

When you contact our company, we will review your policy in detail to analyze your insurance coverage and work with you to develop a claim management strategy that maximizes your financial recovery. Then our adjusters conduct a thorough evaluation of your losses and all aspects of your claim. We will negotiate with your insurance carrier to carry out your decisions.

We've Got Your Back

Accord Services, Inc. has handled thousands of insurance claims resulting from every hurricane to have hit the U.S. and the Caribbean in the past three decades.

How We Are Compensated

Our service fee is in relation to your claim settlement. We will work with your insurance company to get the best and fairest settlement for you. We recognize that every project and every client is different. We will work with you on a one to one basis, treating each client and claim as individual.

There is no fee for our initial consultation, we only charge if we collect! Drop us a note today or Call us at 818-262-5104