Hurricanes, Floods, Fires, Wind and Hail, And More...

What We Do For You

Accord Services, Inc. specializes in assisting the policy holder with their claim, and will be there to help the insured collect what they deserve. Accord Services, Inc. can review your policy BEFORE a disaster to see if your coverage is sufficient for your needs.
We are successful at what we do because we understand the importance of putting the insured back to where they were before they had the claim.

Property Damage Loss...

Business Property Insurance Losses

Business Property Losses may result in loss of real property, production capacity, inventory, loss of income, extra expense, loss of key employees, and government build back code issues and restrictions. Yes, you may also face a legal liability issue. Accord Services, Inc. can be the entity to resolving all aspects of the insurance loss issues with your insurance carrier.

Personal Property Insurance Losses

Personal Property Losses such as to your home and personal effects occur from fire, windstorm, flood, landslide, earthquake, mud flow, sink holes and explosion are considered FIRST PARTY LOSSES. For each peril you must cooperate with your insurance carrier. Often company personnel are less knowledgeable than desirable. An Insurance Peril Loss can be daunting and time consuming. Accord Services, Inc. can spare you the aggravation. If you suffer a loss as the result of a Third Party negligence, you face the same challenge.

Property Damage Assistance...

Property Damage Legal Assistance

The Accord Services, Inc. Team works to achieve maximum monetary settlement for covered losses. We consult and collaborate with law firms from the East Coast to the West Coast to accurately assess property damage and the costs of repairing single-family homes, commercial properties, apartment buildings, and condominiums that have been damaged by a natural disaster. When you have a Loss Situation, the prompt affiliation of Accord Services, Inc. will insure timely and equitable settlement with your carrier.

Property Examples

Here are a few examples of the effectiveness of having a company like Accord Services, Inc. on your side. The following cases, in which Kermith Sonnier acted as Expert Estimator, resulted in significant improvement on Settlement Amount over the amount initially offered by the insurance company.

 Initial Company Offer      Settlement Amount    
NO Payment $20,000,000
NO Payment $12,500,000
$1,450,000 $13,500,000
$3,562,000 $5,100,000
NO Payment $2,400,000
NO Payment $4,585,590
$60,000 $1,000,000
NO Payment $5,000,000
NO Payment $300,000
$1,400,000 $75,000,000
NO Payment $4,566,000
NO Payment $13,500,000
$138,000 $2,500,000
NO Payment $4,500,000
NO Payment $2,750,000
$425,000 $7,438,846
NO Payment $6,725,532
NO Payment $2,500,000
$3,650,000 $9,500,000

There is no fee for our initial consultation, we only charge if we collect! Please Contact us today!